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Eddie Bullinger Big Brother West Michigan

50 Mentors in 50 Days

What’s it like to be a Big Brother?

“Growing up, I was stuck with two sisters and always wishing I had a brother. I assume my sisters and I got along at times, but I sure don’t remember any. Fortunately, my dad was a kid at heart, and I was lucky enough to have a team full of cousins a short bike ride away. The world was ours to explore (until the streetlights came on). In short, my childhood was awesome.

I want the same for my “littles,” states Big Brother Eddie.

“I love spending one-on-one time with these guys and watching them grow into confident, responsible young men. We were matched because we had similar interests. And from hockey games to board games, movies to the symphony, B-Dubs to Five Guys, it’s been fun and very fulfilling.

My first “bro,” Sean, aged-out of the program a few years ago, but he’s still a big part of my life. Keeping up with him, watching as he strives to reach his full potential is inspiring.

Now with my second little, Gabe, I feel lucky to be able to do it all again. Gabe is amazing. He’s optimistic, energetic, and funny. We have a blast together, and I look forward to watching him grow.

I got involved with BBBS because I saw it as a way to really make a difference. I liked the idea of working one-on-one with someone in my community who could use a positive role model.”

To learn more about mentoring, call our enrollment specialists at 231-798-1391, ext. 224, or 222.

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