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Appreciating Our People

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Appreciating Our People

When LEAD began in 2008 the only employees were co-owners Matt and Tom. Now, 12 years later, LEAD is a full-service agency with 13 employees in 5 departments under Matt and Tom’s direction. Our employees have helped us grow our client base, our relationship with the community, and grow our company, and for that, we appreciate them.

Our team is full of experts and specialists in account management, media buying, designing, and more. Tom and Matt would like to extend appreciation to our employees during Employee Appreciation Day:


Ahmad is fearless. He explores new possibilities daily, delivering high-quality work for our clients.

Ahmad is our Web Developer.


Kendra’s attention to each detail allows our clients to receive work that is uniquely theirs.

Kendra is one of our Graphic Designers.


Bryn’s vast digital experience means that we can lead change for our clients within the digital media landscape.

Bryn is our Digital Media Manager.


Christine doesn’t waver. She does the research. She has the experience. She leads the way for our clients.

Christine is one of our Account Managers.


Nick Pollice attacks new tasks and within short-order, has them mastered.

Nick Pollice is our Media Specialist.


We appreciate Steve’s easy going, “west-coast” demeanor. He’s been where we’re going, his insights are valuable.

Steve is our CFO.


Olivia is not only a talented designer and visionary, but also is a constant team player who brings a positive attitude to her work with each co-worker and client.

Olivia is one of our Graphic Designers.


Eddie is that rare Creative Director who combines his other-worldly imagination with a playful demeanor, helping our team become comfortable in letting their ideas flow while pressing to meet client goals.

Eddie is our Creative Director.


Nick Stadel’s “gift of gab” serves him well in the role of business development, being a constant positive advocate for the work and team at LEAD, and showcasing the firm’s capabilities to potential clients.

Nick Stadel is our Director of Development.


Jessica manages her busy workload by firmly understanding her clients’ challenges, designing strategic solutions, reporting on progress, and doing it all with a huge bright smile on her face.

Jessica is one of our Account Managers.


Melenie is the consummate professional, a wizard with numbers, and an organizational icon in helping keep our clients orderly, on time and on budget.

Melenie is our Billing Coordinator.


Morgan brings a burst of positive energy to the LEAD team, keeping everyone in the office entertained and engaged, just like her strategic social media plans.

Morgan is our Social Media Manager.


Scott is a dedicated husband and father who brings an important “former business owner” perspective to our team, winning his clients and peers over by designing plans for his clients’ businesses, as if they were for his own.

Scott is our Account Director.


Our team is incredibly talented, smart, and ready to serve your business’ needs. We are proud to call them LEADers.

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