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8 Ways to Beat Holiday Burnout at Work

Author  / 8 Ways to Beat Holiday Burnout at Work
Jessica Hart

8 Ways to Beat Holiday Burnout at Work

Holidays are a time of celebration and cheer, but also a time for extra demand and expectations. The increase in responsibilities mixed with the workload in the professional workplace can lead to a feeling called burnout.

Burnout is becoming more prominent in the workplace and is characterized by an upsurge in workload leading to fatigue, prolonged stress, and cynicism about work, which contributes to a decreased drive in work ethic and enthusiasm over a long period, unlike normal stress which is more short-term. Although this time of year can add more pressure, there are ways to reduce the feeling of burnout during work, especially during the holidays.

These eight strategies can help manage the added demand that comes with this season and ensure you enjoy it for what it is.

1. Keep Stress At Bay

Learning to manage stress when it hits in the short-term first, can help avoid long-term burnout. Incorporating stress-reducing techniques such as deep breath work, meditation, positive affirmations and anything else that is unique to each individual can help cope with the overwhelm and allow for the ability to confront bigger and more long-term demands.


2. Maintain Perspective

Understanding that things which need to get done are just that – things, and maintaining that perspective can reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed. It is a short-term period which can be handled with the proper strategies and attitudes, and this alone can help maintain a clear vision and lead to a feeling of hope.


3. Ensure Adequate Sleep

The increased personal responsibilities and professional workload may be adding to mental fatigue but once combined with physical fatigue can lead to extreme true burnout. Lack of sleep reduces concentration and increases irritability throughout the day. Sleep is important to remain sharp and healthy therefore, it is vital to prioritize sleep to be prepared for the day and it’s various activities.


4. Get Ahead When Possible

The holidays are an inevitable time where workload increases and it happens every year. A great way to plan for this is to get ahead on things when you can and relieve some of your workload when the season comes. Getting ahead on projects, tasks, or other demands for that time before they happen will leave room for the time demanding tasks to get tackled.


5. Schedule With A Purpose

Being in control of the day will ensure you are prioritizing the things that need to get done to maintain order in the hectic environment especially around the holidays. Having a schedule, assigning time, and sticking to that time to do tasks will help avoid falling into multi-tasking and allow for what’s important to get done first, which will reduce procrastination and work overload.


6. Keep Time Precious

Time is the most precious asset during periods of increased workload and responsibilities. It is important to keep the time needed to complete tasks for those tasks and reduce outside interruption that can distract and divert that time away from things like unnecessary meetings.


7. Pass On Things When Needed

One person is incapable of doing it all, and trying to do everything at once is a big cause of burnout. If things can be delegated to other people who may be able to do it best or help out, that may alleviate overwhelm and allow for concentration in other areas.


8. Stay Healthy

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle may help increase energy and productivity as exercising and eating healthy may benefit overall well-being and be a positive escape from the overloading feelings during the busy seasons.

Holidays are a happy yet extremely hectic time that can lead to burnout very quickly. However, implementing these eight strategies may help reduce the feelings that lead to burnout and instead replace them with feelings of calm and being in control of how the holidays are spent- which should be enjoying a cheerful time with family and friends as they only come once a year.


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