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COVID Purpose in Marketing Blog post

Finding Purpose

I’ve had numerous phone discussions with friends, family, colleagues, and clients during this unfamiliar “Stay Home, Stay Safe” period. Sadly, I heard the same comment from two people in completely different professions: “I’m lacking purpose right now.” One is a teacher and coach who’s without a class to teach and team to coach. The other is a lawyer without any courtrooms in which to practice.

I listened and did my best to turn our conversations to the positive. Teachers can still advance the curriculum and teach from digital channels. Coaches can still map out strategy and training and coach from these same channels. Lawyers can still advise clients, new and old.

Times can be trying, but no person should feel they lack purpose. Opportunity is abundant. Buildings, events, leagues, meetings are shut down right now. People are not. Purpose is not. Quarantine Life should cause each of us to better understand our purpose.

There is purpose in profession, and we have time now to hone our craft, think differently about how to be better, more efficient, creative, and adaptive. Industries are forever changed as a result of this virus. Our processes in retail, education, health care, and others are forever adjusted to be able to operate in any climate. Our working environments forever altered. But purpose has and always will be consistent.

Of course, purpose goes far beyond profession. We can use this time to be better spouses, parents, siblings, friends, coworkers, etc. We are living by the “Stay Home, Stay Safe” mantra. It also means, Stay Sharp, Stay Fresh, Stay Relevant, Stay Purposeful, and Stay Tuned for change and opportunity.

If purpose means, “the reason something is done, created, or exists,” then it will take us a long time to fully understand and realize our purpose. Fortunately, time is something we have right now. Use it to better understand your purpose.

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