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Grand Rapids Rise Opening Night: SOLD OUT!

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Grand Rapids Rise Opening Night: SOLD OUT!

The Grand Rapids Rise burst onto the scene with a raucous, sold-out crowd of 7,805 attending the first ever game at Van Andel Arena.

LEAD Marketing Agency led the launch of this new pro sports team in West Michigan with a comprehensive  marketing plan.

“We are thrilled with the response to the marketing efforts.  You are never sure when launching a new product, but a sellout says it all. And the team and the whole show was tremendous.  We are encouraged that the rest of the season will also be very well attended”, said Tom Sullivan of LEAD Marketing Agency.

The Rise are part of the inaugural season of the Pro Volleyball Federation with teams in Las Vegas, Columbus, Dallas, San Diego, Omaha, Orlando, Atlanta and Grand Rapids.  Teams are comprised of the top professional players in the sport including NCAA National Champions, National Teams players from around the globe and many long-time professionals.

The Rise defeated the Columbus Fury 3-0.

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