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GV Ad Club news article about Lead Marketing

GV Ad Club Features LEAD Marketing Agency

From a GV Ad Club article written by Micah Hill.

This week we shift the spotlight to LEAD Marketing, a Grand Rapids-based full service marketing agency, featuring a short email interview with LEAD’s Social Media Manager Morgan Shaffer. Morgan graduated from GVSU with Bachelors in Communications Studies and Advertising + Public Relations. She has been with LEAD for a year now, and works alongside other GVSU alumni like Digital Media Specialist Emily Gagnon, and Graphic Designer Kendra Smith.

“LEAD exists to increase the economic well-being and quality of life for our clients and stakeholders”, Morgan writes. LEAD provides full-service marketing solutions for clients, and is keen about providing measurable business solutions crafted specially for each client, ensuring that they will meet or exceed their goal. As they state on their website, “We’ll do more than promise results, we’ll prove it”. And after hearing from Morgan, it is easy to see why LEAD can be so confident, transparent and successful as an agency.

The clients end goal is in fact how LEAD begins working with every client. Morgan explains that by working backwards this way, LEAD has a better understanding of reaching the clients goals, and then finding ways to exceed them. As a full-service agency, “ From media planning and buying to web design and full creative services to social media management and more, we know a complete approach is more effective than an à la carte approach” (Shaffer 2020).

LEAD’s real edge of course, is their team. LEAD employs highly skilled professionals that have a passion for helping clients achieve their goals. Morgan writes that while many agencies also claim this, LEAD intentionally invests in their staff, and “walk the talk” (Shaffer 2020). They encourage employees to attend conferences, take classes, and engage in mentorship, something Morgan values highly. LEAD wants their team to individually grow as marketers and experts in their field, to help them achieve their personal goals, as well as ensuring that every client’s experience at LEAD is stellar.

They also serve a wide variety of clients, from hospitals to construction companies, working with brands like Biggby, Harley Davidson and Spectrum Health. Being a full service agency allows them to cater to this high diversity of clients, giving LEAD seasoned insight on the marketing needs of many industries. In the highly competitive market of advertising and marketing agencies, LEAD has its priorities straight: people first. By putting the client and their own employees first, LEAD provides an unparalleled experience, both inside the office and out.

Sounds like a great place to work right? We read your mind! LEAD offers internship opportunities on an as-needed basis, be sure to connect with LEAD on social media and Linkedin to hear about job opportunities!

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LEAD website

Email interview with Morgan Shaffer, 9/30/2020.