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Is that Creative?

At LEAD Marketing Agency, creativity takes many forms. Of course, the members of our Creative Team have creativity built into their DNA. It is clear in the art that we produce every day on behalf of our clients.

But the others at LEAD, you know, Strategists, Media Planners & Buyers, and Account Managers, it would seem, would not be so creatively inclined. I mean, working with spreadsheets, bar graphs and data every day might indicate a very rigid way of thinking.

Think again!

The recently completed Brann’s Steakhouse and Grille campaign is a great example. It required creativity by individuals of each LEAD specialty area, to achieve the client goal of increasing awareness of the brand and one of its foundational assets.

Devising an effective, unique, use of a “traditional” advertising platform takes creative talent. So does designing a captivating and authentic design within brand and vendor specifications and so does illuminating the value of this one-of-a-kind concept to all participants.

In other words, a complete advertising campaign, fully-serviced, from inception to execution to achievement of the stated goal. With creativity used at every step.

You see, having a mammoth billboard that sizzles, is not conventional.

And neither are the results.