LEAD Marketing

Jessica’s advertising career began interning for Fox Sports Detroit in ad sales and then for Carat Content (formerly known as The Story Lab under The Dentsu Aegis Network) in the branded content space.

She continued with Carat working on GM’s large cross-country account, Chevy LMA, where she held the Assistant Media Planner role for some months in the South Central Region until being promoted to Associate Media Planner for the North Central Region the remainder of her time there.

At LEAD her journey began in the media buying role planning, purchasing and optimizing traditional media for all clients. As an account manager, Jessica now brings her experience and enthusiasm as the primary point of contact between the agency and her clients to deliver excellent and impactful results.



Where I’m from: San Diego, CA

Where I went to school: Northwood University

What I do: My role of account management is centered around the client’s vision and goals for their advertising efforts and LEADing the process for the client achieving those goals in a creative, yet strategic and measurable approach. This is achieved through developing goals with strategies and tactics that not only confirm to the client that their efforts are making an impact but also linking together all the pieces to achieve results that matter and make a positive influence on the client’s brand and economic health.

My Ideal…

Project: One that aligns with the client’s overall goal and can then be tailored specifically to that. That allows the project to not only be executed effectively against the goal but be able to reverse engineer and develop strategies and tactics that drive results. Full creative and strategic planning with a goal in mind and then ultimately being able to execute the project and measure the results back to the goal is ideal.

Client: In my role it is important to not only evaluate goals and strategies, but to foster collaborative relationships between client and agency. My ideal client is one that understands what we both bring to the table and sees the solutions to their goals in our company and we can come together as a team to develop a marketing plan that is impactful for the client.

My Favorite…

Quote: “Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” because I believe every person should pursue their passions. “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” If you desire a change, you must make a change.  “Nothing great comes from your comfort zone.” Always be blissfully dissatisfied, live in gratitude but always strive for more.

Pastime: Cooking delicious plant-based meals, working out, helping others with their health/fitness goals, spending time with my husband and dog, lots of FaceTime with my family in San Diego, and listening to audio books and reading.

I like…

An Insight: You become what you believe. Our mind is so powerful, and our thoughts become our reality so always believe without limit.

Someone who has influenced my professional career: My parents have always supported my ambitions and have allowed me to set expectations for myself based off their beliefs and I am so grateful to have their compassion, support, knowledge and love.

An out-of-the-box solution: Creativity seldom comes from being certain. If you limit your thoughts and actions, you will rarely get far. The quote “I am no genius, but I am smart in spots and I stay around those spots,” by Warren Buffet reminds me to always tackle a problem with my unique view, but to also think outside the box and utilize other’s unique perspectives which I may not have.

Did you know…

When I was ten: I was obsessed with having a journal. I would write about my day in it every day and take it everywhere with me. Granted, my days included choir/soccer practice, playing with my little sisters and other typical, very important and busy, 5th grader things. I also was obsessed with the colors black and orange because that was my soccer team colors and wanted everything to be those colors.

I aspire to: Make a difference by living my passion. Don’t ask what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you come alive and then do that, because that is what the world needs.

I’m a LEADer because…

Skills: I pride myself in my professional skills but more importantly in my personal values of integrity, passion/energy, kindness and gratitude because those are the foundation of everything I do.

Attitude: I have an attitude of commitment to the company, clients and results I work for, respect for others, awareness, accountability, innovation/creativity and overall passion for the things I do.

What’s your goal?