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LEADers At Home

In the middle of March, LEAD decided to try something new. Along with the rest of the country, our team began working from home. For some, this transition was smooth, and for others, finding the work/life balance was difficult with kids running around and animals often sitting atop keyboards. However, our LEADers are fast adapters, our shift to video calls and more collaboration over our online task management system allowed us to become even more efficient in our communication.

Our LEADers have been taking on new challenges, gaining knowledge, and trying out new hobbies while working from home. Check out what they have been up to:


Olivia – Senior Designer

Over the stay at home order and our continued working from home, I’ve been using the extra time I’ve gained from not having to commute to further my education online. I have been taking classes on Udemy, LinkedIn Learning, and Lynda to expand my knowledge in UX/UI design, leadership, management, and more. I love being able to work from my backyard, and always have my dog by my side.

Scott – Account Director
I have been working on my Google Analytics certification.
Eddie – Creative Director

In an effort to become a better leader, I have invested time in over 40 courses to improve my critical thinking, management, writing, and creative thinking.

Ahmad – Web Development

I have been spending my after work time learning how to make dynamic web applications.

Morgan – Social Media Manager

I moved into a new apartment at the start of quarantine and was blessed with a room with a massive amount of natural light. This spot in front of my window is where I set up to attend virtual conferences on digital and social media trends. These sessions have helped me to gain insight on ways to help our clients enhance and optimize their organic social media content.

Christine – Account Manager

Work breaks looked a little different in quarantine. Coffee runs and hallway catch-ups were replaced with updos, walks in the park, and impromptu battles.

Kendra – Graphic Designer

Over quarantine, I have continued to renovate my fixer-upper and learned how to install laminate flooring in my family room! I have also been intentional with taking online classes and setting aside dedicated time to practice my lettering, all while hanging out in my new favorite room.

Jessica – Account Manager

During quarantine, I have been taking advantage of the warm weather, as we are often in an office and sitting at desks all day and making it a goal to spend as much time outside as possible. I started running again alongside my usual workouts, and I have felt very energized. I think this time has shown how important health is, so I have been ensuring that I make it a top priority.

Tom – Owner and President

One thing I learned while working from home for an extended period is that you can get a lot done while enjoying the weather and walking with earbuds and an iPhone: calls, podcasts, emails, exercise.

Emily – Digital Media Specialist

Over quarantine I have picked up knitting and have been able to create two new scarves while sitting in the sun or catching up on the latest Netflix releases.

Bryn – Digital Media Manager

I moved at the beginning of quarantine so was able to set up my dream home office to work from home. We also got a Yellow Lab puppy, Kai, who has been a very helpful assistant!

Nick – Media Specialist

I became Google Analytics certified over quarantine to better help analyze in-depth details about our clients’ web traffic, visitors, and provide valuable insights that lead to better shaping their digital strategy for measurable results.

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