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Listen. Ask Questions. Repeat.

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Listen. Ask Questions. Repeat.

I have two young daughters, ages 22 months and 5 years. I like to joke that my oldest, Addison, was born talking. She has always been very verbal, speaking in complete and understandable sentences from the time she was one.

My younger daughter, Violet, is developing language skills at a steady pace and knows a fair amount of words. The problem is, she wants to emulate everything my oldest does which includes speaking just like Addison. Violet will have long conversations with you that include hand gestures, facial expressions, decibel changes, and unique (made up) words. She will talk emphatically for five minutes without me recognizing a single word.

What does this have to do with working at LEAD Marketing Agency? Everyone at LEAD needs to be an expert at listening to people from various walks of life with different ways of getting their point across. From a creative director understanding exactly how you want your ad to look, to an account manager understanding what the goal of your campaign is, to a buyer understanding the medium that will work best for you. All of it comes back to communication.

Our job is all about listening, asking questions
…then listening again and asking questions again.

This process is repeated until we are sure we understand your needs and wants and can put together a fantastic plan based on them. After that, we communicate the process and results back to the client.

Luckily, Addison and Violet have made me hone my communication skills. I can now officially say that I am an expert at listening, asking questions, and explaining process and results.

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