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Meet Jonathan Biggs – LEAD Marketing / MSU

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Jonathan Biggs Advertising and Marketing Intern

Meet Jonathan Biggs – LEAD Marketing / MSU

About Me

My name is Jonathan Biggs. I am a designer and photographer from Grand Rapids, MI. I have a BFA in Studio Art with a concentration in graphic design from Michigan State University.

Goals at LEAD Marketing

I look forward to honing my design skills further with the professional team at LEAD. Learning different ways to approach new projects and collaborating with veterans of the design field will be an invaluable experience. Working in different mediums and understanding the various stages of the workflow are two things I hope to learn more about. I am excited to provide new creative solutions for LEAD’s wide variety of clients during my time here.

Visual Inspiration

With so many talented people working in the creative industry today, it is difficult to pick just a few inspirational people. However, if I had to choose, I would start with Lief Podhajsky. He has my dream job. Creating album artwork for his favorite musicians and pushing the boundaries of psychedelic art with a color palette bursting with saturation and op art-like manipulation, his work is always a treat to see. In the same vein, Scott Hansen, also known by his musician name Tycho, is an inspiration in taking a design style to a new medium. Scott’s clean and minimal work always had a warm, ethereal feel. When he started making tunes, his design style translated seamlessly into his music. GMUNK, aka Bradley Markowitz, is my next pick. He isn’t your traditional graphic designer. His work tells a story, and it’s one that you want to listen to because it’s so visually appealing. With a futuristic style, Bradley brings a new excitement to logos, print work, and digital designs. Finally, I would say Wes Anderson, the extremely talented film director, is my last choice. I can’t think of another director that has such a distinct style. As a graphic designer, I strive to match his consistency and precision. His attention to detail is masterful. The composition of every scene is so important to him that the end result is a movie with an elemental cohesiveness one rarely sees. Together, all of these visual artists inspire me to push the boundaries of my work.


I enjoy outdoor activities like fishing, camping, mountain biking and snowboarding. Traveling to new destinations is something I always look forward to as well. Both lend themselves well to my hobby of photography.

Favorite Tunes While I Work

Disclosure, London Grammar, Tame Impala, Real Estate, Wu-Tang.

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