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Meet Kiersten Ruecke – LEAD Marketing / GVSU

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Meet Kiersten Ruecke – LEAD Marketing / GVSU

Name? School? Major/Minor?

My name is Kiersten Ruecke, and I am a senior at Grand Valley State University. I am majoring in Allied Health Science and have a Marketing minor.

Where is your hometown?

Bloomfield Hills, MI

What would be your “At-Bat” theme song?

My At-Bat theme song would probably be Thunderstruck by ACDC.

What is something others find interesting about you?

Something others find interesting about me is that I studied abroad this past summer in Rome, Italy for two months and traveled to five different countries in 2017. I always knew that I wanted to study abroad, so I planned out my college schedule with this in mind. When I found out last December that I had been accepted to study at John Cabot University in Rome, I was ecstatic! While I was in Rome, I took a class called Rome Modern City and was able to explore different neighborhoods throughout Rome and learn about the culture. It was amazing to see these diverse neighborhoods and learn about their own little history. I also had a lot of free time to explore the city! I was able to visit the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, Vatican City, the Roman Forum, and much more. I also got to go to the most wonderful restaurants and eat the best food I have ever had. On the weekends I would travel throughout Europe and be able to visit Barcelona, Paris, Versailles, Florence, Positano, Pompeii, the Island of Capri, Sorrento, and Malta (my favorite being Paris and Capri). I absolutely adored Europe and everything it had to offer. My favorite parts about studying abroad were the beautiful places I got to visit, the people I met, and the food. The experience as a whole was more than anything I could have asked for, and I am so thankful that I was able to spend part of my summer in Europe!

What’s your biggest fear?

100% spiders, I honestly have arachnophobia, and they scare me to death. I also have a fear of looking over railings when I am in tall buildings.

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

After graduation I see myself staying in Grand Rapids for a few years and growing my career. I plan to go into Medical or Pharmaceutical Sales in the future, and possibly attending graduate school to pursue a masters degree in Health Administration. I have always been interested in the health field, so I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in the health industry. I was not interested in a clinical career, so I decided to go the business route and add a marketing minor to my college education. In a few years once I am settled into my career and have gained more experience, I plan to go back to school for my MBA.

What do you hope to gain in your internship with LEAD?

I am very excited about my internship with LEAD! Throughout my time at LEAD I hope to gain sales and marketing experience by fulfilling my duties as an intern. I am looking forward to gaining insight on the Gift Card industry and learn more about the process as a whole. I hope to gain skills in communication, teamwork, and professional selling. I am enthusiastic about growing my career and seeing all that LEAD has to offer!

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