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Meet Susan Hughes – LEAD Marketing Creative Director

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LEAD Creative Director Susan Hughes

Meet Susan Hughes – LEAD Marketing Creative Director

Name? School? Major/Minor?

Hi! I’m Susan Hughes, a Kendall College of Art & Design graduate. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Visual Communications and minoring in Fine Arts, but I always dreamt of being an art therapist. My mom and dad pushed me to go into commercial art to support myself, which landed me in the role of creative director after many years working as a graphic designer and art director.

What’s your favorite thing about being a creative director?

I enjoy leading a team when collaborating on creative challenges and learning from others by sharing ideas to find the best solution. A team approach keeps ideas fresh and guarantees that I never have to rely on my own experiences to guide me when determining creative strategies.

I strive to create an environment that enhances and inspires creativity, as well as an open forum for communication. I enjoy overseeing a design project’s progress, meeting deadlines, holding meetings, and all of the tasks that come with working with clients and a creative team.

What do you like to do outside of the office?

I’m a planner. Whether planning a vacation trip for family, a reunion for 200 close friends, or an intimate dinner party—I immerse myself in every detail to ensure every event is a success. My plans always involve keeping my family and friends interests and passions top of mind, making sure everyone has a memorable and great experience.

I love food, music (live or recorded), romance movies, art museums, travel, and the great outdoors. I work out with a personal trainer twice a week to stay physically strong, and I’m able to do a walking lunge while carrying a 75 lb. sandbag, as well as complete eight full-body chin-ups.

What is something others find interesting about you?

I’m not sure if this is truly interesting, but these are qualities others say they admire about me. I’m seen as an innovative artist, a great chef, and a loyal friend. A passionate team player and someone who loves to bring people together to accomplish goals.

 What are the values that drive you?

Honesty, loyalty, compassion, gratitude, and respect.

Top three favorite podcasts/books?

I became a fan of Kurt Vonnegut years ago after reading “Blue Beard” while on a road trip. It’s a fictional biography of an American Abstract Expressionist Artist that kept me silently laughing with its exploration of what art means, how it plays out in life, and why it is important to the human condition.

Tom Robbins, who crafts similar stories, wrote another favorite, “Skinny Legs and All.” And a book I often recommend as a quick, comical, and heartfelt read is “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum.


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