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New Decade, New LEAD

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New Decade, New LEAD

We are thrilled to jump into the new decade with a fresh face! In case you’ve missed our exciting blog post or missed our updated social profiles (if you did, are you okay? Should we help you get out from under that rock?), LEAD is heading in a new direction – forward!

Full Service

Okay, okay, so we’ve been moving forward for over a decade now, but with the several new LEADers and services added over the last few years, we are proud to be a full-service marketing agency. By adding creative and digital departments, we have been able to expand our service offerings, which in turn has allowed us to go from a handful of clients to scores of clients across the country.

With added value services like digital lead generation and branding packages, we’ve helped clients like Carrier Law rebrand and expand their client base. We’ve also become a one-stop-shop agency for our clients: need creative and media planning services? We can do both, and deliver sharp, cohesive work.

New Logo

Our refreshed logo echoes the forward focus, literally. Check out the “a” in our logo: do you see that blue triangle? It is an arrow pointing upward, toward a forward direction. This is also reflected in our simple logo, the tilted “L” with the same blue triangle pointing upward.

Our success has led to growth in its client base, service offerings, staff, workspace, and geographic reach. The modification of its logo reflects the upward trajectory of LEAD.

Full Speed Ahead

We will continue to grow, innovate, and change the marketing landscape in West Michigan to provide our clients with unique, results-oriented, successful marketing campaigns. We have been patient and strategic with our growth, with decades of business in mind. We are excited to continue forward with our journey; will you join us?



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