LEAD Marketing

Olivia graduated Magna Cum Laude from Central Michigan University’s College of Communications and Fine Arts in only three years, majoring in Graphic Design and minoring in Advertising. While at CMU, Olivia lead a team of designers at University Recreation. She not only has experience in Graphic Design, but also Marketing, Advertising, and Copywriting.





Where I’m from: Holland, Michigan

Where I went to school: Central Michigan University

What I do: I bring the client’s ideas to life, often providing new solutions that achieve the client’s goal more effectively.

My Ideal…

Project: A complete brand rehaul along with a brand campaign in every medium. I love brand advertising because you can focus completely on portraying the brand’s personality in a memorable and effective way.

Client: One that gives free-range for crazy (but effective) ideas and trusts our expertise.

My Favorite…

Quote: “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

Pastime: Antiquing, working in our woodshop with my husband (usually sanding, staining, and sealing his projects), and constantly redecorating our house.

I like…

An Insight: Everyone has the ability to achieve greatness. It just depends how hard you’re willing to work.

Someone who has influenced my professional career: My boss at University Recreation – he guided me in my professional growth for the three years I went to Central. He pushed me to find my strengths and use them in everything I do.

An out-of-the-box solution: Flip the paradigm. Find the expected solution for a project, and do the opposite.

Did you know…

When I was ten: I was a “master innovator.” I’d use tape to attach two doll strollers together to make a double stroller for my dolls. I taped a feather to stand up on my floor and called it a tree. I took Jenga blocks to design house layouts on my bedroom floor. Limits didn’t exist in my crazy imagination. I never wanted to grow up. Becoming a creative at an agency was my best solution to preserve the imagination I didn’t want to lose.

I aspire to: Always strive for growth, personally and professionally.

I’m a LEADer because…

Skills:  I’m driven, strategic, consistent, and futuristic.

Attitude: I’m always looking for more strategic solutions. I’m not afraid to throw out crazy ideas because it’s in that environment of fearless brainstorming that great ideas are born.

What’s your goal?