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Tell me about yourself…

What do you say when someone says, “Tell me about yourself.” Do you panic? Do you revert to a topic like where you went to school or where you work? Do you ask in return, “What do you want to know?”
It’s such a simple question, yet it’s loaded with the power to reveal uncertainty and a lack of confidence. When one hesitates, voices with uncertainty or answers with a question, one thing is revealed. You either:
1. Don’t know your strengths.
2. Lack a level of confidence in them.
3. Don’t see the value of knowing them.
If you asked me this questions a few years ago, I would have panicked and blurted out my college major, where I went to high school, where I was from, or any other response that doesn’t give any deep insight into who I am and what value I bring to the table. Why? Because I fell into not just one of the above categories, but ALL of them. I didn’t know who I was or what I was good at. I didn’t have any confidence in the little bit that I did know about myself. And I didn’t see the value of knowing. But if you don’t know what your strengths as a person and aren’t confident in them, how can you expect to grow both personally and professionally?
Okay. So what SHOULD your instinct be in response to that loaded question? You should strive to know yourself and what you bring to the table so well that when you’re asked that question, your response is, “I’d love to.” No pause. No mumble. No dodging questions. With the start of a new year comes an endless potential for growth. While I was never one for making new year’s resolutions, the fresh start of a new year always feels like a great time to take an extra step in challenging yourself.
Ask yourself, “who am I?”
If your response is anything less than, “I’d love to,” I challenge you to learn your strengths.
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