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Tips & Trends of OOH Advertising in 2021

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Tips & Trends of OOH Advertising in 2021

Out of home (OOH) advertising is an excellent tactic for gaining awareness for a product or service. OOH advertising occupies the spaces we work, play, and live outside of our home. Traditionally, OOH includes billboards, posters, busses, subway systems, taxis, street furniture, and much more. The demand for OOH advertising has remained strong over the years and as we move into a new decade, the industry is continuing to innovate. Let’s go over a few tips and trends of OOH advertising in 2021.

Trends of OOH Advertising in 2021

Trend #1: Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

While the majority of OOH inventory is physical, digital billboards and screens (DOOH) are now a crucial part of many OOH campaigns. Digital screens provide better optimization and allow advertisers the ability to create more personalized messaging. Advertisers are utilizing better and more accurate data to offer dynamic media based on the demographic and behavior of mobile devices in real-time. This real-time advertising is critical for gaining increased connections with your target audience and providing quick and easy content.

Trend #2: Programmatic DOOH

DOOH also offers advertisers the convenience of purchasing inventory programmatically. With traditional inventory, a transaction between the advertiser, marketing agency, and OOH provider can take time and require multiple contacts. DOOH inventory is available in many of the same locations that advertisers purchase display or mobile ads, allowing for campaigns to be built seamlessly across several channels simultaneously.

Tips for OOH Advertising in 2021

Tip #1: Buying fewer but more valuable inventory in high traffic areas allows your message to be seen repeatedly by many people and create more of an impact.

When it comes to OOH advertising, sometimes choosing busier locations is better than more locations. It can be tempting to buy up cheaper inventory and count on the sheer number of boards to get your message out. However, depending on your goals and strategy, it can be much better to take a different approach. Having a few high traffic sites can reach as many people, or more, as numerous lower traffic sites.

Tip #2: Make sure your message is simple.

Most consumers will only look at your ad for a short period of time, less is more when it comes to OOH. With only a few seconds of attention from consumers, it is better to aim for intriguing ads over information packed ads. Keeping words to a minimum and using creative visuals will help grab your consumers attention.

Tip #3: Make your campaign as shareable as possible.

Designing an OOH ad that grabs people’s attention and creates a buzz will allow your OOH message to spread far beyond the physical space it occupies. In 2021 practically everyone has a smartphone with camera/video capabilities. Your OOH campaigns will work much better if people are talking about them and sharing them on social media platforms. OOH allows your message to be integrated into the real world and be part of your consumers daily life. Take this opportunity to make something truly creative and unique and people will take notice and share it, allowing your message to reach even more people.

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