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What is Imposter Syndrome?

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What is Imposter Syndrome?

When you’re surrounded by hard-working, talented people, you can start having an uneasy feeling that you don’t belong. You start doubting your accomplishments and if you deserved them. Compared to everyone else, you are just faking it, and you’ll soon be found out and labeled as a fraud.

“I don’t deserve to be here.”

“They’ll soon realize that they’ve made a mistake hiring me.”

This is imposter syndrome. The feeling that everyone around you knows exactly what they’re doing and that you are an imposter among them who doesn’t deserve your job or accomplishments.

You believe that all of your success has been the result of luck and not that of your talents and hard work.

People tend to idolize those in influential positions and start making assumptions about how a person feels or how they have achieved success. It’s hard to imagine your idol with low self-confidence or stricken with worries of their value. Since it’s not possible to read minds, it’s natural to think that you’re the only one who’s feeling out of place, but you are not alone!

There are tons of ways to counteract the effects of imposter syndrome. Talk to others who share your worries, list out your accomplishments and reflect on them often, focus on what matters, and seek support from trusted sources. Reframe your thoughts and focus on what is based in reality and what is just doubt. You own your success! As Michael Scott wisely says in The Office, “I am Beyoncé, always.”

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