LEAD Marketing

Cody Boomsma’s accounting career began at Harley-Davidson, where he spent most of his time working with Accounts Payable for the Grand Rapids dealership and two other dealerships in Chicago, remotely.



Where I’m from: Byron Center, MI

Where I went to school: Davenport University

What I do: I handle the day-to-day accounting roles, such as monitoring bank transactions, processing client payments, and paying vendor invoices. Along with my accounting responsibilities, I assist in the client billing process by organizing vendor backup by the client, creating invoices, and keeping an updated log of invoices that are outstanding/paid.

My Ideal…

Project: is one that lets me analyze complex data and information and present it in a way that is easier to comprehend. This allows me to understand a process, client, or industry while providing tools to help assist in decision-making situations.

Client: is educated and invested, but also able to remain open-minded to new solutions and is not resistant to implementing these ideas when provided with a detailed plan of action.

My Favorite…

Quote: “Time never cares if you’re there or not there…” proclaimed by Anderson Paak in his song “Celebrate”. This quote reminds us time is not waiting for you to reach your goals or dreams, whether they be personal or professional, and urges us to act now before time passes us.

Pastime: I spend most of my personal life obsessing over my favorite sports teams (Go Blue!), working out, listening to music and podcasts, and hanging out with friends/family. In the summertime, I also enjoy spending time relaxing at my family’s cottage at Gun Lake.

I like…

An Insight: “Take your job seriously, but don’t take yourself too seriously.” Alex Trebek. While I believe it is essential to take your job seriously and work professionally, I feel it is equally important to take a step back and be able to laugh at yourself. Life is serious enough already!

Someone who has influenced my professional career: My Dad. He taught me from a young age the importance of doing things right the first time. Even if that means slowing down a bit to take the time to be thorough and detail-oriented.

An out-of-the-box solution: Step away. When you reach a point where you are feeling stuck on a project at, work step away, grab a coffee, eat a snack, or even start working on a different task. Allow yourself to focus on something else for a while; do not sit and fixate on the frustration. When you return to the original project, you will be refocused and refreshed.

Did you know…

When I was ten: I scored a touchdown on the first play of my first ever game of rocket football. It was all downhill from there.

I aspire to: Treat people with respect and kindness even when it is not reciprocated. I strive to be deliberate with my actions to make people feel important.

I’m a LEADer because…

Skills: I am thorough and detail-oriented in my professional life and my values of integrity that focus on respecting and empathizing with others. That allows me to know what to say and how to say it to guarantee the intended message gets across.

Attitude: I am open-minded, thorough, empathetic, and a team player.

What’s your goal?