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Programmatic TV Advertising

With a commanding $72 billion in ad spend for the TV industry this year it’s hard to think that TV viewership is on the decline especially with the knowledge that more and more people are consuming video content than ever before.  One would expect...

Google Ratings and Marketing Agencies

Upon Further Review

It’s no surprise consumers want instant access to information they are seeking out, because we as consumers now have the tools to do just that – connect with anyone or thing, anywhere, at any given time. But how do traditional advertisers keep up with...

Point of View in Marketing and Advertising

Hey Advertisers, YOU Aren’t the Target

Point of View in Advertising is paramount for message acceptance. Many times, the "POV" in the market comes from the Money Behind the Outgoing Voice (otherwise known as the Advertiser) rather than the Voice Behind the Incoming Money (otherwise known as the Consumer). ...

Marketing Metrics and Strategy

Measure What Matters

Some days, if you walk through the offices at LEAD Marketing Agency, you may be in earshot of an Account Manager declaring in a meeting, “Measure what matters!” and “Just because you can measure it, doesn’t mean you should!” You see, LEAD is in the...

Marketing Copywriting Expertise Michigan

No Small Assignments

It was brutal. The job, the building, the hours, the workload - oh and boring like claw your eyes out boring. At least that’s how I remember it. I’d go on to spend three months during the summer of my sophomore year of college...