LEAD Marketing

Emily leads the digital media department with a primary focus on Search Engine Marketing and Programmatic.  She oversees strategy and implementation for all paid digital campaigns at LEAD.

She holds Google certifications in Search, Campaign Manager, Apps, Shopping Ads, Video and Display.  She also is certified in Centro’s Basis Foundations.

Emily held roles as a social media intern for Experience Grand Rapids and product marketing student associate for Steelcase while earning her BS from Grand Valley State University. She was also chief executive officer of Grand Valley State University’s nationally affiliated student-run public relations firm, GrandPR and is active in The Rotary Club of Grand Rapids.



Where I’m from: Jenison, MI

Where I went to school: Grand Valley State University

What I do: I assist clients in reaching their audience online at the right time and place with the right message. I initiate, analyze, and monitor digital media campaigns with a focus on search engine marketing, programmatic digital media planning and buying, and paid social campaigns.

My Ideal… 

Project: Is defined by measurable objectives that contribute to overarching organizational goals. I value each project as an opportunity to refine existing practices as well as capitalize on new findings to grow and expand our skillset.

Client: Is eager to seek results in new avenues and is willing to make adjustments in response to the quickly evolving digital landscape.

My Favorite… 

Quote: “When one of us shines, all of us shine,” stated by Moira Rose in the Canadian sitcom, Schitt’s Creek. This quote reminds us that LEADership and teamwork are not about the success of an individual, but the triumph of an entire team.

Pastime: Exploring new hobbies and staying active outdoors. Biking local trails, camping in northern Michigan, and snowboarding new slopes are a few things I look forward to each year. I also enjoy exercising creativity in the kitchen with new recipes, in crafts like knitting and sewing, and in developing digital assets with the Adobe Creative Cloud.

I like…

An Insight: “Lead now – from wherever you are.” This is one of eight rules in Abby Wambach’s book, Wolfpack. She shares a story of how she led from the bench during the 2015 World Cup, encouraging individuals to lead regardless of their role. Everyone has the responsibility to support, guide, shape, and share.

Someone who has influenced my professional career: My parents have always encouraged my passions and taught me invaluable work ethic, creative and professional characteristics. I began networking at an early age when my dad would let the family tag along during his travel work conferences. Thanks, Dad!

An out-of-the-box solution: Snacks! Regardless of the situation you are facing, break it down step by step and face the process in bite-sized pieces rather than trying to complete the whole project at once. A little nourishment always helps, too.

Did you know…

When I was ten: I visited Toronto and the Niagara Falls for the first time and was able to touch the Stanley Cup.

I aspire to: Leave things better than how I found them. Whether it’s providing insight to a project, pushing in the chairs of a conference room, or picking up a piece of litter in a park, I hope to make a productive and positive impact.

I’m a LEADer because… 

Skills:  While I am performance-oriented and have experience with various tools and programs, my strongest skill is my willingness to learn and work with others. As a recent graduate, I am ready to absorb knowledge from my colleagues and research to continuously expand my skillset.

Attitude: I am open-minded, enthusiastic, analytical, and a dedicated learner.

What’s your goal?