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The “Sizzle” of Brann’s

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The “Sizzle” of Brann’s

It has always been there. Every customer of Brann’s Steakhouse & Grille can hear it. That bursting of subtle, yet powerful, platter popping that emotes the delicious taste of an original Brann’s sizzling sirloin steak.

Many creative agencies try too hard to make a product or service relevant to an unaccepting public. LEAD Marketing Agency saw a simple but effective way to reconnect Brann’s with its audience throughout Michigan.

Remind them of the Sizzle. In fact, the tagline is “Michigan’s Original Sizzle.”

In its latest campaign for the 10-store Michigan-based family-owned restaurant, LEAD’s creative team designed a campaign to highlight Brann’s popular comfort food, showcasing the sizzling sirloin, while paying tribute to the local uniqueness of the brand that makes it stand out (or Sizzle) from the common chain.



The Sizzle campaign will be unveiled thru multiple media, social and internal marketing, and in-store channels, including new menus. The comprehensive Sizzle extends as the backbone to many campaigns for the foreseeable future, from the famous sizzling steaks to BBQ Ribs, Fast Lunches, Online Ordering, and Gift Cards.

Stop by a local Brann’s to see – and hear – The Sizzle in action.