LEAD Marketing
Tom Sullivan - LEAD Marketing Agency
President & Owner
Tom Sullivan

In developing LEAD Marketing Agency, Tom’s vision was to provide clients with measurable results as it ...

Matt Tiedgen - LEAD Marketing Agency
Vice President & Owner
Matt Tiedgen

Matt brings extensive advertising industry experience to LEAD Marketing Agency with expertise in delivering ...

Andrea Bennett - LEAD Marketing Agency
Account Manager
Andrea Bennett

Andrea began as a Media Planner/Buyer at LEAD before ascending to the position of Media Specialist and ...

Eddie Bullinger - LEAD Marketing Agency
Creative Director
Eddie Bullinger

Eddie has 21 years of experience in the advertising industry including stops in Denver, Chicago and ...

Christine Flodin - LEAD Marketing Agency
Account Manager
Christine Flodin

Christine brings over 12 years of marketing experience to LEAD, evolving from a copywriter to ...

LEAD Marketing Agency – Steve Koskela
CFO / Advisor
Steve Koskela

Steve provides CFO level financial strategy guidance and brings 27 years of advertising and marketing agency ...

Jeannesa Martin - LEAD Marketing Agency
Digital Media Specialist
Jeannesa Martin

Jeannesa began at LEAD Marketing Agency as a Digital Media Intern and quickly transitioned into a full-time ...

Scott Hagley LEAD Account Manager
Account Director
Scott Hagley

Scott brings extensive experience to LEAD Marketing Agency, including a successful thirteen-year tenure as ...

Nick Pollice - LEAD Marketing Agency
Media Specialist
Nick Pollice

Nick’s focus is on researching, developing and implementing media strategies for clients encompass ...

Heather Burnette - LEAD Marketing Agency
Accounting & HR Specialist
Heather Burnette

Heather manages many responsibilities at LEAD including payroll, accounting and human resource functions ...

Lauren Brandt - LEAD Marketing Agency
Graphic Designer
Lauren Brandt

Lauren began at LEAD Marketing Agency as a Graphic Design intern and quickly transitioned into a full-time ...

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