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Women Who Inspire LEADers

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Women Who Inspire LEADers

LEADer: Beth Astorino

I’m inspired by my mom. She comes from a family of iconically strong, tough women that could accomplish anything, and my mom is no different. She has a motto: “I don’t cry, I just get on with it,” and I will forever hold those words as inspiration.


LEADer: Makayela Shepperd

Princess Diana is a huge inspiration to me, and I have admired her since I was a little girl. I have always loved her as she is a huge fashion and glamour icon but more than anything her activism and heart for people is what sticks out most to me. She will be remembered forever!


LEADer: Ashley James

A woman who inspires me is Lisa Gelobter. She invented Shockwave, the software behind the very first online videos, and served as Chief Digital Service Officer in the Obama administration. Now she is the CEO and Co-founder of tEQuitable, a platform that helps companies create safe, inclusive, and equitable workplaces.


LEADer: Shannon Simpson

I am inspired by Julia Child. Julia is best known for her work as a chef, author, and television personality after years of international volunteer work during and after WWII. Julia Child is inspiring for her fearless approach to the culinary world and passion for cooking. Embracing French cuisine later in life, she proved it’s never too late to pursue one’s passions. Her charismatic and down-to-earth personality, showcased in ‘The French Chef,’ made gourmet cooking fun. Julia’s resilience, humor, and authentic love for food continue to inspire people to pursue their passions unapologetically.

LEADer: Emily Baiers

In the realm of design, Jessica Walsh stands as a bold inspiration for me. Her creative and entrepreneurial spirit resonates with me and countless others. Known for her experimental approach, she seamlessly blends photography, handcraft, and digital elements in her work, thriving in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

“Play is the state of mind that we can use in our creative process to our advantage”
– Jessica Walsh

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