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5 brand trend predictions for 2024

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5 brand trend predictions for 2024

Design trends can be a valuable tool for keeping your marketing materials contemporary. However, amidst the dynamic landscape of design, certain techniques remain timeless, and it’s essential not to let trends overshadow that. Remember to evaluate each trend and determine what aligns best with the chosen tactics for your brand.

  1. Silver and Cooler Tones
    Silver is making a comeback as gold has been prevalent for quite some time. Brands are shifting from warmer tones to cooler ones, often incorporating sudden pops of color.

  2. Storytelling
    Despite the rise of AI, the human connection remains a crucial aspect of branding. Just as you’d want to learn someone’s story when meeting them, the same holds true for a brand. Sharing your brand’s purpose and journey can strengthen the relationship with your audience, encouraging a deeper connection.
  3. Short One-word Business Names
    An increasing number of brands are opting for simple, one-word names that are easier for their target audience to remember. When creating a concise brand name, consider the emotions you want to evoke. Catchy or rhyming words can enhance the memorability of your brand.
  4. 70’s Nostalgia
    With Y2K behind us, we are now embracing the nostalgic feel of the 60s and 70s. This trend includes faded retro color palettes, handcrafted illustrations, and a focus on the human element in designs.
  5. Maximalism
    Maximalism continues to thrive for another year. This design style challenges boundaries by dowsing every corner with color, shapes, fonts, and visuals. The messaging of maximalism is influenced by our culture of abundance.
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