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LEAD Account Director Wins Public Grand Prize at ArtPrize

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LEAD Account Director Wins Public Grand Prize at ArtPrize

LEAD Marketing Agency Account Director Monica Pritchard and her son Christian Reichle’s submission, “Before You Go,” was named the public grand prize winner of ArtPrize 2021, earning its creators $50,000.


“Everyone at LEAD is extremely proud of Monica.  She is a talented individual and to win ArtPrize is an enormous accomplishment. Her ability to have a vision, create the strategy and execute at the highest level is beyond impressive,” said Tom Sullivan, co-owner of LEAD Marketing Agency.


ArtPrize is an international art competition held in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Artists from all over the world create unique pieces which are exhibited in different venues throughout the city during a few weeks in the fall.


“Before You Go,” is an audio-based installation housed on the blue bridge in downtown Grand Rapids. The piece was crafted from a vintage phone booth, and upon entry, ArtPrize spectators can listen to excerpts of interviews that Pritchard and Reichle collected over several months.


According to the ArtPrize website, the project themes include intergenerational connection, mortality, missed opportunities, isolation, and introspection. The installation is meant to cause the spectators to consider similarities and differences, and to encourage conversation.


Congratulations to Monica and Christian.


You can learn more about this entry on the ArtPrize website.


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