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Through These Doors

We recently modified our logo to reflect the upward trajectory of LEAD Marketing Agency.

Since 2008, our reputation is that we achieve the measurable objectives of our clients. That has not changed. What has transformed are the services that we offer and the talented people who walk through the newly rebranded doors at our office.

As our service offerings have grown in the last 12 years, so has our team, talent, client base, and geographic reach. For example, our creative department boasts big market talent and produces work that not only turns heads but effectively achieves the goal of our clients. From packaging design to video production, branding to logo development, billboards to digital ads, and everything in between is handled by our in-house team.

LEAD’s in-house ability to drive digital traffic and sales has our clients capitalizing on digital transactions and positioned to satisfy consumer’s ever-increasing reliance on digital platforms. Our team of specialists in our digital department allows us to place digital media and content in relevant locations in order to reach the intended and desired target audience.

Our digital department does this through organic social media, programmatic digital display, video and audio advertising, paid social campaigns, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization. With over 20 years of combined experience, we are able to provide our clients with helpful insights that lead to seen substantial gains.

Our web development department creates beautiful but efficient websites and landing pages, while optimizing conversions online for clients.  Our Account Managers create measurable, goal-based strategies unique to each client while driving toward the goal. They lead the plan while staying on-time and on-budget while effectively communicating with our client along the way.

We call ourselves a complete agency: from setting the goal to achieving it because through these doors walk exceptional leaders.

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In developing LEAD Marketing Agency, Tom’s vision was to provide clients with measurable results as it pertains to their advertising and marketing.

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