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Are You Google Certified?

Maintaining the Google Ads Certification is important for anyone that works hands-on with client campaigns in the platform. Staying up to date on the certifications allows you to quickly implement new features into your campaigns. An example of this is the recent addition of a third headline and second description for all Search ads, allowing longer more descriptive content.

Google Ads Search Certification

Tested basic and advanced knowledge on best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing effective search campaigns. Including how to lower your CPC and CPL, while raising your CTR and overall lead count through effective keyword lists.

Google Ads Display Certification 

Covered advanced concepts and best practices for creating, managing, measuring and optimizing display campaigns. Including utilizing advanced audience targeting to reach relevant consumers and increase campaign performance.

Google Ads Video Certification

The Google Ads Video test covered best practices for managing and optimizing a video campaign across YouTube and the web to increase the overall number of completed views. While increasing brand awareness among the target audience.

Google Ads Mobile Certification

The Google Ads Mobile Certification tested on the best ad formats for mobile devices as well as special targeting exclusive to mobile devices. Such as location targeting, click for directions and tracking mobile phone calls.

Google Ads Shopping Certification

The Google Ads Shopping Certification covered the process of setting up a Merchant Center account and creating effective Google shopping ads. As well as managing reporting and optimization to increase online product sales.


To stay certified (or get certified) Google requires you take an annual fundamentals test covering generic setup and strategy, as well as at least one test in a specific area such as search, display, video, mobile or shopping. All tests are free through the Google Academy for Ads using your Google account. I recently regained certification in all five areas completing the tests in about a week. If you have any questions on the certifications or Google Ad campaigns in general, email me at jmartin@leadmarketingagency.com.