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When Billboards Go Viral

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When Billboards Go Viral

“Strategically placed.”

That’s how Manistee influencer and owner of Manistee Beverage company, James Beaudrie, described LEAD’s billboard for our client, NUVU fuels. With a bold statement of “Manistee’s New Favorite Pizza,” the board caught Beaudrie’s eye, sparking him to post this short video with the caption “Who has the best pizza in town?” to Manistee Beverage Company’s social media accounts, which have a following of 96,000+.

Following the post, NUVU Fuels joined in what James described as “Manistee Beverage Company’s first ever pizza competition.”

In a second video detailing snippets from the competition, Carson Berger, the CEO of NUVU Fuels, stated that NUVU Pizza is the best because it’s “made with love.”

In an August 19 post, Manistee Beverage Company stated “All the pizza was good. Great job! Oh! Who won? Well, we are still tallying the votes. TBD”

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