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Creativity Without Inspiration

As a designer, being able to effectively problem solve is an important part of the job. Having good ideas is essential.

Easier said than done.

A lack of inspiration often results in less work being produced. When this happens, it’s called an art block, or creative drought. If you engage in any artistic pursuit, I’m sure you’re familiar with the term. Having a creative drought is normal, but whether it’s your first or your hundredth, it’s never a fun experience.

Working without inspiration is a struggle. Sometimes seemingly impossible.

Your work suffers, you worry, then you frantically search for inspiration. This can trigger you to spiral into a cycle of anxiety which feeds into not working effectively. The good news is that blocks are temporary. I wouldn’t expect anyone to lose inspiration and stop creating permanently.

Here’s something not everyone realizes: you don’t need inspiration. It isn’t a necessary part of the creative process. Sure, it’s more satisfying to work while inspired, but you can still produce amazing things during a creative drought. Inspiration doesn’t always have to come before the work. Sometimes the work itself can trigger inspiration.

A lack of inspiration doesn’t mean lack of ability.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but my advice to find inspiration is to stop looking. Do something you enjoy. Take a walk. Finish a project. Talk with a friend. It’s frustrating to not find what you’re looking for, so move on and hopefully before too long, inspiration will find its way back to you.