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What does Sport & Entertainment Marketing cost?

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What does Sport & Entertainment Marketing cost?

Remember the time that you went to your first major event at a big stadium?
Do you remember who you were with? Can you still smell the popcorn and hot dogs?

Maybe you can see the green grass on the field as you walk through the entryway?  Do you remember that view of the stage and the buzz of anticipation prior to the show?

There is something special about being at an event, surrounded by a large group of like people, of one mindset. Happy. Excited. Anxious.  All pulling for the same thing.  All coming together to be part of something greater than what they could achieve alone.

No wonder so many fan groups are called Nations.

This is the essence of Sport & Entertainment marketing and it’s hard to describe.  It’s different for every person. You can’t put in a package.  It is intangible.  It’s personal.

As a Sport & Entertainment property, the challenge is to sell that essence.  Of course, it is easier if the team is of championship caliber and each performance is worthy of acclaim.  But that doesn’t always happen.  And as a marketer, you can’t control the performance.

As a corporate sponsor of Sport & Entertainment properties, having the loyal and fervent patrons of the property see your product or service as vital to the essence of the event, is the key.  To be perceived as closely aligned with the experience that the property provides can often be the edge that separates you from your competitors.

What does it cost to get Sport & Entertainment marketing, just right?
I don’t know.

But I know it is hugely valuable.