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5 Tips to Handle Instagram’s New Algorithm

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5 Tips to Handle Instagram’s New Algorithm

When Instagram changed the way they show in feed content from most recent to their algorithm; many users noticed losing engagement. While Instagram has no plans to change their current system, there are ways to boost your own engagement.

  1. Instagram Stories
    These show up at the top of your followers’ pages for 24 hours and allow them to easily engage with your content. The content in these can also be more laid back and ‘behind the scenes’ if you wish. You can also use stories to poll your followers if you want to get feedback on a new product.
  2. Boost Engagement
    Run a giveaway, but to enter require your followers to tag one of their friends. This is a quick way to easily gain new likeminded followers. The giveaway doesn’t have to be huge, even a small gift card will improve engagement.
  3. Tag, tag, tag
    Tag your location, tag the products, tag individuals in the photo. The more people, pages or locations that you can relevantly tag, the larger your reach. Just keep in mind, relevant tagging is key. Otherwise, your viewers (and Instagram) will view your account as spam.
  4. #DontForgetToHashtag
    Did you know people can follow hashtags? This allows them to see your content in their feed, even if they don’t follow you! Using as many relevant hashtags in your post will help you be seen by individuals interested in that topic. Just remember there are ways to hide the hashtags on your posts, so you don’t overwhelm followers. You can do this by copying and pasting the hashtags into a comment on your post. Or by shrinking the size of the text down on your stories and matching the color to your background, making them almost invisible!
  5. Consistency is key
    Develop a theme that works well with your content and stick with it. Examples: using a specific filter on all your photos, the use of white space in your background, or sticking only to vacation photos. Then when users view your profile, they can easily get a feel for the type of content you will be posting; helping increase the likelihood of them following you.


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