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3 Steps to Creating a Social Media Plan

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3 Steps to Creating a Social Media Plan

How does your brand currently use social media? Social media has evolved into something that people depend on for daily use. It is now something that brands cannot ignore while hoping that their inconsistent posting will be enough.

According to the Pew Institute, 69% of all U.S Adults use at least one type of social media. Facebook is the most used, with 68% of all U.S Adults having an account. Out of those users, 76% login at least daily; while some even login multiple times a day.

Other popular social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest report similar numbers.

Below are 3 keys brands need to look at before implementing a strategy.

  1. What is your social media goal?
    Some brands want to gain brand awareness, while some want to drive a measurable result. Having a solid goal is vital to creating a successful strategy.
  2. Who is going to oversee your social media?
    Brands occasionally run into problems with accounting for the necessary time to accomplish their goal. Taking the time to recognize the time needed will help you accomplish your results.
  3. How do you plan on tracking your social media goal?
    To track how well your social media plan performed, having an established reporting system from the start ensures that you are aware of your results the entire time. This also allows you to adjust content as needed based on performance.

One thing to remember in everything you do on social media is to have fun. Your followers want to engage with your brand as a friend, not a sales representative.