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LEAD Marketing Agency Reveals Enhanced Identity

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LEAD Marketing Agency Reveals Enhanced Identity

New Marks Reflects Company Growth

In the midst of one of the worst economic periods in American history, LEAD Marketing Agency was born with a mission to achieve the client’s stated, measurable goals through marketing efforts. Those humble beginnings in 2008, included founders Matt Tiedgen and Tom Sullivan as the lone employees with four clients that had seen results from their previous work with the two. While the stock market was crashing and large corporations were receiving bailouts, Matt and Tom delivered on their promise to those original clients while earning additional business over time.

The two never portrayed themselves to be more than what they were, a couple of guys with expertise in marketing strategy, digital and traditional media planning and buying and sports marketing, with a passion for achieving client goals. They didn’t portray themselves to be creatives or programmers or copywriters or anything else.  Because they weren’t.  This commitment to transparency continues to this day.

LEAD’s enhanced identity reflects its growth and proactive vision while staying true to its origins. LEAD has evolved into a complete agency with a full offering of in-house marketing services and a steadfast commitment to the original mission of delivering measurable business results through marketing efforts. It is able to fully service its clients, from goal development to messaging to highly targeted media placement and measurement of analytics that allows for proper optimization of each campaign.

The Creative Department is led by an experienced and decorated leader with a talented team. The Digital and Traditional Media Department includes proven experts who have certified their place in the industry. Web Development is teeming with experienced programming and SEO experts and LEAD Account Managers are client relations superstars.  They aren’t asked to wear “different hats” and they don’t “dabble” in other areas. Rather, they focus exclusively on seeing that the LEAD team and all associated stakeholders are working congruently toward achieving the client’s objective.

The growth at LEAD Marketing Agency has been strategic and intentional. It has been done deliberately and patiently with the next 20 years in mind. The addition of staff, services, client base, and space has been executed with careful thought while ensuring that servicing client’s needs are accounted for in the best possible way.

And as intended in 2008, the commitment to achieving client goals continues to be further engrained into LEAD’s DNA.