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5 Steps to Stronger Social Media Engagement

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5 Steps to Stronger Social Media Engagement

Social media is a giant marketing tool, there are over two billion social media users worldwide. When social media is used correctly, a company will see success with its audience. Many companies misinterpret social media as a passive place: “if some content is posted on a few platforms every so often, we will stay connected with our followers!”, or “if we post excessively, we can’t be ignored!”.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Engagement from followers and your target audience is extremely hard to come by. On an Instagram account with one million followers or more, only 1.5% of followers engage with the content.

So how do you create content that is truly eye-catching instead of content that continues to shout into the void? With these five steps:

1. Let’s Get Visual

Text-only posts are from the Myspace era! Visual content is a must to ensure your post gets noticed. Make sure to include either a link or a picture in every post. We promise this will stop your followers dead in their mindless scroll because images are processed 60,000 times faster than text by the brain.

2. Date Your Followers

No, we don’t mean buy them flowers and chocolate. We mean get to know them: their likes and dislikes, their favorite pastimes, the books they read, the music they listen to, the news sources they rely on – all to understand what resonates with them.

Start by building out three or four audience personas based on your target audience. Treat these personas like you are trying to date them. You need to share content that will not only grab their attention but also keep them wanting to follow you. If you post incessantly with no direction or aim to reach the right audience, your social media (and marketing efforts!) will fail.

3. Information Station

We all have that perfect piece (or 10) of content that never gets old or outdated: evergreen content. Have you ever considered turning that into an information hub for your followers? Remember, social users prefer visual content, so why not turn that into a helpful infographic? Infographics are engaged with three times more than any other kind of visual content.

Plus, the best part of these graphics is that it can live on multiple platforms and do equally well across the board: Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, the big 5.

4. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle…

…your existing content. You already have content on your website, why not regenerate it? #TBT and blog posts will always grab your followers’ attention – just make sure the content is still relevant or give it a refresh before posting.

5. Find Your Voice

Every post should be identifiable as you and your brand. Are you sarcastic? Are you an expert? Are you friendly? This tone should match all aspects of your brand: from the copy on your website to your logo. Don’t try to be the funny guy online if your website uses a concise and knowledgeable tone, this will leave your followers, and customers, confused.

You can’t expect your followers to pay attention to what you’re posting if you continually shout information, articles, and textposts that do not relate to them. If you’re struggling to create content or find your voice on social media, our team of LEADers can help. Contact us today so we can grab your followers’ attention tomorrow.