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Measure What Matters

Some days, if you walk through the offices at LEAD Marketing Agency, you may be in earshot of an Account Manager declaring in a meeting, “Measure what matters!” and “Just because you can measure it, doesn’t mean you should!”

You see, LEAD is in the business of driving measurable business results for our clients through fully-integrated marketing and advertising plans. Measurement means a lot to us. And in our business, data is like a drug. It can become intoxicating. And yes, ingesting too much of it can kill you.

The beauty of technology allows marketers the ability to scour through an endless stream of numbers to quantify virtually anything and everything about a campaign. And at LEAD, while we love it, we also often find ourselves saying… “so what!” … to much of it.

The smart marketer tempers the appetite for more and more and more and instead consumes only the most important metrics that can be optimized toward the stated objective.

To collect and present a ton of data can make you feel good for a while, but only a portion of it is relevant to reaching a particular goal. Additionally, to impart each numeral to everyone is to assure that it is analyzed and understood by no one.

At LEAD, we are happy to report that it still takes skilled professionals, who understand the client’s objectives and nuances, in order to carefully select the proper data to measure and optimize, in order to reach the goal.

We are happy because that is exactly what we do.