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Hey Advertisers, YOU Aren’t the Target

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Point of View in Marketing and Advertising

Hey Advertisers, YOU Aren’t the Target

A quote from famed Pulitzer Prize-winning critic Brooks Atkinson:

“The most fatal illusion is the narrow point of view.”

Point of View in Advertising is paramount for message acceptance. Many times, the “POV” in the market comes from the Money Behind the Outgoing Voice (otherwise known as the Advertiser) rather than the Voice Behind the Incoming Money (otherwise known as the Consumer).

The Consumer has more means to express his/her freedom of choice when investing today. Research is immensely available and the channels in which to listen, understand, engage, accept, and buy are easily accessible. So, the Consumer seeks the message that aligns with a given frame-of-mind.

Too often, Advertisers speak AT their intended Consumers, rather than WITH them. Too often, Advertisers promote what they need or want to say, rather than relating their message to the wants and needs in the marketplace. When an ad campaign is executed correctly, Advertisers and their Consumers can engage together in communication and consideration.

If increased Consumer Connection and, ultimately increased Consumer Investment is the Advertiser’s goal, the Voice behind the Incoming Money matters most.


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