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Spectrum Health Opens First Walk-in Clinic with Meijer

News  / Spectrum Health Opens First Walk-in Clinic with Meijer
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Spectrum Health Opens First Walk-in Clinic with Meijer

Spectrum Health’s first retail-based walk-in clinic is now open, located within the new Meijer store at 4075 32nd Avenue in Hudsonville, Michigan. Hudsonville’s eager locals stopped by the Meijer Grand Opening on July 12th to scope out the new store, and Spectrum Health began signing patients up immediately.

Spectrum Health’s walk-in clinic inside the Meijer store is for patients with non-emergent care. The services are available to any patient, not just those affiliated with Spectrum Health. This is a major convenience for the Hudsonville community in need of these types of services. The new clinic is able to treat allergies, bumps and bruises, cold and flu symptoms, ear aches, and more. Services will not include on-site X-rays, stitches, or broken bone treatment. The clinic accepts insurance but will also take patients without insurance for $69 a visit.

The goal of the clinic is to offer patients a new way to access Spectrum Health Services in a convenient location. The two entities Meijer and Spectrum Health, make for a perfect match in Hudsonville, providing their community with accessible resources for staying healthy.

For more information about the Spectrum Health Walk-In Clinic, please visit: www.spectrumhealth.org/HudsonvilleWalkIn