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Crafting an Effective Social Influencer Campaign

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Crafting an Effective Social Influencer Campaign

As social influencers continue to increase in popularity in 2018 it’s important to develop a strategy behind every partnership, simply including influencers as a tactic to your marketing plan is no longer an option. Below are 5 tips to consider when organizing your social influencer campaign.

1. Set Campaign Goals

Defining what you want to achieve shapes the direction of your entire influencer campaign (or any marketing tactic for that matter). Who you choose, what message they post, what your landing page is—all determine the effectiveness of your campaign.

Want people to attend your local event? Work with local influencers who can get their followers to sign up for your event, not someone with 500,000 followers and 80% of them live in LA & NY and cannot attend. You would be better off with micro influencers who only have 3,000 or 5,000 followers who are local to GR.

Do you have a specific sales goal? Awesome. You need to cater messaging to make people want to click through and purchase. You also need to make sure your landing page is set up properly so that it’s a smooth and easy process for the consumers.

Trying to increase awareness of your brand? This is where that influencer with 500,000 followers would make sense. The more eyes on your brand and engagement with your content will help spread the word to people who don’t know about you yet.

2. Identify Your Target Audience and Choose Influencers Whose Followers Align

Influencers are a trusted source. People have chosen to follow these influencers because they’ve deemed their content valuable. Therefore, when you partner with an influencer, it’s important that your brand/products fit into the lives of their followers. If I follow a healthy food blogger where all they post about are recipes and food, they are probably not going to be my trusted source for high-end fashion or beauty recommendations.

Aligning your brand appropriately means your name will be seen as a true value to a consumer. When the content makes sense, brand partnerships seem like more a recommendation than a sales pitch.

3. Create Engaging Content

It’s easy to throw a pretty picture up on Instagram and get likes, but likes aren’t enough when you have sales goals on the line. Outlining the brand message, talking points, engagement expectations, and landing page are all vital to setting up a successful influencer campaign and seeing results that achieve your overall campaign goal.

4. Measure Performance

Whether you are tracking sales or reach, it’s important to set up tracking abilities ahead of time and pay attention throughout the duration of the campaign to ensure influencers are fulfilling their obligations. Take the time to measure what matters so that you can apply and optimize those findings to future campaigns.

5. Re-share Across All Your Social Platforms

Once an influencer partners with you and posts on behalf of your brand, you own that content so use it to your benefit. You now have high-quality assets showcasing consumer reviews to re-purpose across all your social platforms to keep the conversation going.