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Snapchat vs. Instagram

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Snapchat vs. Instagram

With 150 million users on Snapchat and 800 million users on Instagram, it would be naive for a marketer to overlook these platforms. But many are not sure how to use these new platforms to their full advantage. Below are some tips describing how to use each platform to their advantage.


1. Promotion Codes

Brands who use Snapchat have seen a lot of success by using promo codes. The codes work so well because of the high rate of engagement due to the viewer having an incentive after a Snap Story. GrubHub has seen recent success using promotion codes on Snapchat by encouraging followers to stick around and watch the entire branded short story.

2. Introducing New Products

Some companies use Snapchat so that their followers can get a glimpse of new products before they are released. By showing engaged brand fans a sneak peek of a product, they get involved and end up building a deeper relationship with that brand. NARS Cosmetics has seen success on Snapchat by showing their followers a preview of a new collection. By using Snapchat to introduce their new line by Guy Bourdin, they were able to generate positive buzz around the product before it was even available.

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3. Influencer Marketing

Brands can use influencers to showcase exclusive content on Snapchat. This is a quick and easy way to build an audience. Influencers have a loyal following, are a trusted source, and resonate with consumers on a personal level. One example of influencer marketing through Snapchat is Whitney Simmons. Whitney is a popular workout blogger who is always showcasing brands she represents on Snapchat, with over 60k followers she is a great way to promote new products.




1. Create an Interactive Hashtag

An interactive hashtag is an easy way to create instant engagement. By using a hashtag, your company can search and re-post images that customers post using the hashtag. LEAD Marketing worked with the Grand Rapids Rotary Club to help promote their hashtag, #serviceselfie18 on social media. The hashtag was used to create engagement in the community through community service. The more unique the hashtag the more measurable results can be.

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2. Link in Bio

By keeping a link in the Instagram bio, followers can easily access whatever content that correlates to the posts you upload on Instagram. A link will help boost traffic to your site which can be directly correlated with the success of an online campaign. People who go to a profile will immediately see the link in the biography section and are more enticed to click on it. The easier you make a desirable action to your audience the better results you will see.

3. Aesthetic

There is something to be said about the perfect Instagram aesthetic. When someone lands on your page, the feed should be clear, consistent, and cohesive. Creative and professional photos that all have the same aesthetic appeal to the average Instagram user. Free People is a great example of an appealing Instagram aesthetic. They keep their feed consistent with all content they post.

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