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LEAD Mentors 5th Grade Student Research Project

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LEAD Mentors 5th Grade Student Research Project

Kimani, a 5th Grade student at Kentwood Public Schools wrote a letter to LEAD Marketing Agency requesting an interview. She was researching food advertising and needed industry leaders. LEAD happily took Kimani under their wings, inviting her in for a tour and discussion with Scott Hagley (Account Manager), Eddie Bullinger (Creative Director) and Olivia Memberto (Senior Designer). The conversation ranged from food advertising strategies to food photography techniques.

As Kimani’s research project mentor, LEAD was invited into her classroom to teach her classmates about food advertising. Olivia Memberto and Jeannesa Martin, LEAD’s Digital Media Specialist, presented to Kimani’s classroom. Memberto and Martin taught on the advancements of food advertising and gave insight into what goes into making a food advertisement “successful.”

In addition, LEAD learned that Kimani’s passion lies in food photography. Olivia connected Kimani to a local food photographer, Julie Line, to shadow for a photoshoot. At the shoot, Kimani helped arrange food and learned about enhancement effects.

Kimani used what she learned from LEAD and Big Event Studios to complete her research project with a professional source.

“It was a joy to meet Kimani and see her excitement and curiosity for the field of advertising. I’m glad we could participate as her mentor and hope we inspired her to continue learning more about marketing and advertising.” – Olivia Memberto, LEAD Senior Designer