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What it means to be “Full-Service”?

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Full Service Marketing and Advertising-Image via Creative Commons

What it means to be “Full-Service”?

LEAD Marketing Agency recently grew its service offerings to be a more complete, “full-service” firm. We offer marketing strategy, digital and traditional media planning and buying, account management and full creative services.

In other words, we come up with the goal, develop the strategy, create the message and place it appropriately to the target audience. We optimize the plan, measure and report the results and hold ourselves accountable for them.

We do marketing and advertising from beginning to end.

The term “full-service” is used a lot in our industry and, its interpretation varies wildly.

Each staff member at LEAD is expert within one discipline and contributes toward the collective pursuit of the goal. We are all in it together. No competing interests.

We are always fully transparent, unbiased and objective in our work on behalf of the client and we are careful about being large enough to offer multiple services, but not too large that any one client doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

We consider this to be “full-service.”


*Image via Flickr Creative Commons.